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{October 1, 2014}   Buttermilk Ice Cream

So years back when I made this buttermilk pie, the Sicilian had actually scored like 3 gallons worth of buttermilk on mark down. So I’d chatted up my Pops that week and got several ideas to use it all… a goodly lot went towards this because it would be frozen and keep better without worrying about using it in time. So this was made 10/1/2008 with a few different flavors for the kids to taste test, I forget their faves (one of the kids even did a bar chart of the votes, which was with the pics but I can find neither at the moment), I do remember everyone claimed to like grape–but I imagine they would have said so regardless since they knew their Grandpa liked that one–and I do remember them being fascinated with the texture. [Due to the lack of fat involved, it doesn’t have that coat your tongue richness of a typical homemade ice cream… but several of the kidlets loved that and referred to it as being “like a popsicle in a bowl,” and “like snowballs of yumtasticness,” and other suchness. It is more of an ice milk experience, though not strictly since the buttermilk is thicker, so churning it would like produce a smoother result, but I didn’t have an ice cream maker at the time and lucked out because my kids really liked it that way–and they were the ones who’d be eating most of it.]

Buttermilk ice cream
(another Grandmama classic courtesy of the Pops)


1 package of unsweetened Kool-Aid (your favorite flavor but grape–my Pops’
personal favorite–works well)
1 quart buttermilk
Sugar to taste (but keep in mind it needs to taste a bit too sweet before freezing
in order to be just right when frozen)
1 t vanilla

Add all ingredients and mix together. Place in a container and put into the
freezer. When the mixture is partially frozen remove from the freezer and blend
thoroughly. Return to freezer until completely frozen. Remove and serve.

Variation I’m planning: Instead of Kool-Aid, I am planning to try this with some homemade citrus powder this year (dehydrate the peels from organic oranges and blitz into a powder) to toy with getting a creamsicile-ish one… as creamsiciles are Sicily’s favorite, and a flavor I could get behind as well. If it goes well I will post about it. 🙂 But just throwing the idea out there ahead of time for fellow tinkerers.


So I could find my recipe last second and the one in my go to breakfast cookbook, SL Breakfast and Breads, was made from wheat germ (I had none), so I had to scramble and googling a bit and rejiggering slightly from what I can remember of the ones we used to make and this is what I made…

it makes a larger batch but I only remembered to snap the pic before giving the kids more...

it makes a larger batch but I only remembered to snap the pic before giving the kids more... so this is the much picked over stack and several of them turned out better than these, but they'd been eaten by this point...

Cottage Cheese Pancakes
1 (24 oz) container lowfat cottage cheese (1%), about 3 c
6 lg eggs
2 c flour + 1 T bkg pwd (normally I make them with ww pastry flour but tonight I had none so it was the white lily instead)
2 T oil
1/3 c + pineapple juice (reserved from the canned fruit, could have used the orange juice or just milk or water with a bit of sugar)
pinch of salt
2 capfuls of vanilla
butter and oil as needed

Blitz together in the blender and add the pineapple juice as needed to reach pancake batter consistency… (this was just slightly over 1/3 c so I’m guessing 6 T would make a nice round estimate to start from if you want to tinker it up or down… but pour it in as needed as the wetness of the cottage cheese and the humidity affecting the flour, etc can change how much liquid you want to add…) then just fried them up in a bit of butter and oil as one does the pancake dance (watch for a bubbled surface to flip and let them get golden on the second side to finish cooking thru)…

They weren’t bad, but as usual I would have sweetened them a bit more to eat them plain but knew the fruit was coming. And this is what the lovely branny directed me to: a cottage cheese pancake that uses oatmeal(you have to scroll down)… no less than 5 min from my asking, and I wish I’d found it before cooking them but I was starving and impatient so I quickly moved on to google (and when hubs went to check if anyone gotten back to me, my Papa called so he had to get the phone) so I do plan to try these soon… and then there was this jillian michaels number which I may consider as the simplicity of it is very appealing…

as for the fruit salad, I had the 4 yo and 2 yo mix it up to distract them while I finished cooking…

what you need... pineapple, orange segments, dried unsweetened coconut...

what you need... pineapple, orange segments, dried unsweetened coconut... (plus two ornery children who are chasing each other around the house in need of something reasonable to do with themselves while you finish cooking...)

what you end up with/top the pancakes with...

what you end up with/top the pancakes with...

Pineapple, Orange, Coconut Salad
1 (20 oz) can pineapples in juice, drain (reserve juice)
2 (11 oz) cans mandarin oranges in juice, drain
1/2 c dried unsweetened coconut

Thoroughly drain the canned fruit. Put in a bowl along with the coconut. Toss/mix all together.

[You really want the fruit drained as dry as you can, and you don’t want to make this up before you plan to use it as it will juice up and you lose coconut in the juice… you can of course do this with fresh fruit as well, but you still have to drain the excess juices…]

There’s a story behind this that goes about something like this Mrs. Becky Wimberly (well personally I feel I shouldn’t call her Becky since she’s a couple generations my senior, but it really seems pretty much NO ONE calls her Rebecca… so I am typing Becky so people won’t read this and go “Does she mean Becky?”) made this and/or gave this recipe to Mr. Ron Barham, pastor of Ellisville UMC (and a couple others)… and he dubbed it with the ever so long moniker, but since he submitted it for publishing in the local newspaper his name stuck… I think it could really work with most any hard cookie with some flavor behind it (I’m thinking a sugar/butter cookie wouldn’t bring enough to the table though)… and I would really like to find a good hard lemon cookie with a lot of oomph and tang to try it with so if you have a recipe or a brand to recommend then please, please comment here or email me (or otherwise reach me) to let me know about it… and thank you kindly in advance if you do. Now on to the “recipe”

It Will Insult Your Intellegence It’s So Easy (Sort of a Puddin’)
Put a layer of Cool whip in the bottom of a pyrex dish. Dip (briefly) a good brand of chocolate chip cookies in milk or half & half. Layer these on top of the Cool Whip and repeat as many times as you wish depending on the size of the dish. Refrigerate for 2+ hrs. [Small note: G-ma topped the last layer of cool whip with crumbled cookies instead of whole ones.]

But as you can see this is so entirely do nothing and so deeply perfect for a gaggle of children… I’m planning to let them help make it.. and depending on challenges to their dexterity (as their really not very old) I fully intend to let them have at the whole assembly on their own if they can handle it… and I think they should be able to, I mean obviously girlie should do more cookie dipping and placement and leave more of the spreading to the boys… but I do think they can handle it.

et cetera