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{October 1, 2014}   Buttermilk Ice Cream

So years back when I made this buttermilk pie, the Sicilian had actually scored like 3 gallons worth of buttermilk on mark down. So I’d chatted up my Pops that week and got several ideas to use it all… a goodly lot went towards this because it would be frozen and keep better without worrying about using it in time. So this was made 10/1/2008 with a few different flavors for the kids to taste test, I forget their faves (one of the kids even did a bar chart of the votes, which was with the pics but I can find neither at the moment), I do remember everyone claimed to like grape–but I imagine they would have said so regardless since they knew their Grandpa liked that one–and I do remember them being fascinated with the texture. [Due to the lack of fat involved, it doesn’t have that coat your tongue richness of a typical homemade ice cream… but several of the kidlets loved that and referred to it as being “like a popsicle in a bowl,” and “like snowballs of yumtasticness,” and other suchness. It is more of an ice milk experience, though not strictly since the buttermilk is thicker, so churning it would like produce a smoother result, but I didn’t have an ice cream maker at the time and lucked out because my kids really liked it that way–and they were the ones who’d be eating most of it.]

Buttermilk ice cream
(another Grandmama classic courtesy of the Pops)


1 package of unsweetened Kool-Aid (your favorite flavor but grape–my Pops’
personal favorite–works well)
1 quart buttermilk
Sugar to taste (but keep in mind it needs to taste a bit too sweet before freezing
in order to be just right when frozen)
1 t vanilla

Add all ingredients and mix together. Place in a container and put into the
freezer. When the mixture is partially frozen remove from the freezer and blend
thoroughly. Return to freezer until completely frozen. Remove and serve.

Variation I’m planning: Instead of Kool-Aid, I am planning to try this with some homemade citrus powder this year (dehydrate the peels from organic oranges and blitz into a powder) to toy with getting a creamsicile-ish one… as creamsiciles are Sicily’s favorite, and a flavor I could get behind as well. If it goes well I will post about it. 🙂 But just throwing the idea out there ahead of time for fellow tinkerers.


{September 30, 2008}   Praline Pecans

Praline Pecans
1/2 c brown sugar
1 egg white
1/2 capful vanilla
1/4 tsp ea: salt and cayenne
1 c broken up/chopped pecans

Beat egg white until foamy, add sugar and beat together… bring all but nuts to a boil for about 2 min and stir in pecans to coat… spread out on a greased or lined pan to cool slightly…

{September 30, 2008}   Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce
1 c sugar
1.5 c heavy cream
couple pats of butter (maybe 2-3 T)

Sift sugar (helps to insure that the sugar melts more evenly) into the bottom of a wide mouthed skillet over MED heat… Try to get the sugar spread somewhat thinly throughout the whole pan with any excess/thick spots in the center rather than at the edges… Cover and let sugar melt and brown until all sugar is dissolved and desired color is achieved… (A glass lid is helpful if you are a peeker as the lid encourages the bubbles–from small bits of water returning from the lid– that help the sugar dissolve quickly and without overbrowning, but you can still what’s going on…) Meanwhile, scald the cream in a separate pot or in a 2.5 c or larger container in the microwave (if doing this on the stove start the cream first as while they should take about the same time, if something goes awry for some reason you will want the cream waiting on the sugar not vice-versa)…

When sugar is ready, slowly whisk the hot cream into the melted sugar… cut the heat, and add butter until you get a good sheen…

ETA: yeah oh2de2 (cute handle btw, almost star wars-ish and yet not), there is an easier way to control it… put cream in a pan and scald, sift the sugar into the cream while whisking quckly to dissolve… then use a candy thermometer to watch til you get it where you want it: 230-234 (thread) for a runny fluid sauce, 236-240 (soft ball) begin to be gooey sticky caramel sauce, 244-248 (firm-ball) another good place to have it for the pie, 250-265 (hard ball) don’t take it past this for topping a pie (because you’ll really be entering candy land at that point and you won’t be able to chew it the same)… but I don’t have a candy thermometer and hate fussing with all the ice water testing crap… I’d prefer a soft ball or firm ball for something like this… But in addition to the thermometer reason, I can get a really rich dark caramel that is not a hard candy my way and not with the cream added from the start… so that’s why, I do it this way… hope that helps you, and anyone else wondering…

{September 30, 2008}   Chocolate ganache
pre-microwave, chop choc w/a steak knife...

pre-microwave, chop choc w/a steak knife...

Chocolate ganache
1 oz bittersweet choc
2 T heavy cream

Rough chop th chocolate, with a serrated knife and melt the two together in double boiler or in the microwave (30 sec, stir and then another 5-10 sec, if needed)…

Yields about 2 oz ganache…

{September 30, 2008}   Heffa-ed up Buttermilk Love Pie
it maybe not be a good pic, but I took 3 and this was the best one... now accepting cameraperson applications, will pay in food...

it maybe not be a good pic, but I took 3 and this was the best... now accepting cameraperson applications, will pay in food...

So this began with the need to use up buttermilk (I spotted some on sale for $2.50/gal, and did well to control myself in only buying one gallon… truth to be told though I had no major plans to use it… LOL Enter the phone call home, as my dad is an endless source of brainstorming ideas (and he loves helping me toy with and tease out ideas regarding food so I often use him as a sounding board even when I have a plan) and after thinking on it I only had plans for a couple of cups worth… My papa did give me great ideas but I ended up freezing 3.5 qts of the milk for future use (and this begins their use) so I’ll start with one of his ideas…

Well, my daddy says that Buttermilk Pie was one of the desserts my Grandmother Tiney (my namesake) used to make Granddaddy Red and I’m always a sucker for a sentimental dessert… but throw in there that granddaddy was one of my favorite people ever in life, and this becomes pretty close to one of my top 5 perfect desserts before I even get the recipe from him (plus you know I’m a custard freak, so again bonus points!!). So now recipe in hand I shall prepare this pie, but being who I am I can never leave well enough alone… so I’m adding a turtle-ish, pecan caramel and chocolate topping… Now, for the recipe courtesy of the Pops (bearing a slight renaming by me in honor of the sentimental value)…

I had to put the foil around the it was browning up too much...

I had to put the foil around the it was browning up too much...

Buttermilk Love Pie (as per my Pops)
1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 tablespoons flour
3 eggs, beaten
1 pinch salt
2 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup buttermilk
1 deep dish pie shell (either your own recipe or storebought)

1 Preheat oven to 400°F.
2 Beat the butter and sugar together until light.
3 Add the eggs and beat.
4 Sift the dry ingredients together and add to the batter alternatively with the buttermilk; beat until smooth.
5 Pour into a deep dish pie shell and bake at 400F for 10 minutes, reduce heat to 350F and bake for 50-60 additional minutes.
6 Pie should turn a nice golden brown and a knife inserted should come out clean.

And with my tweeking and toothsome topping (which I had to make mind you, since it cracked while I was scrambling to find a second oven mitt… nevermind that I planned the topping before that happened, that is insignificant as it became necessity)… it becomes:

this may be too dark for you to make out... I hope not...

this may be too dark for you to make out... I hope not...

Heffalicious Buttermilk Love Pie
1 buttermilk pie (see above for ingredients, but whipped together in blender… to check for doneness give it the jello jiggle to make sure it quivers but doesn’t slosh… oh and if you are particular, blind bake your crust first…)
Turtle-style topping:
1 sm batch chocolate ganche thinned with 1 T buttermilk (cheat = melt yourself some milk chocolate chips or part of a hershey bar for drizzling…)
1 batch of caramel sauce (cheat = boil a can of sweetened condensed milk, until thick and darkened…)
1 c broken/chopped praline pecans (cheat = umm, buy them already sugared or just use plain…)

After making all of the above, sprinkle the nuts on the pie… cover with the caramel, and use a spatula to adjust the nuts if needed… drizzle the top with the chocolate… and allow the whole pie to cool (this will of course be the really hard part of the whole process)…

Now truth be told this version would be a ‘self-love’ pie I suppose as I have the sweet tooth in this house not my spouse… In fact, the desserts go down like this in our house… Round 1: the family all tries the cake/pie/etc and uses about half (if it is something for only me and the hubs I may end up with 3/4 of the thing)… Rounds 2-needed: I eat the remaining half (sometimes even having some for breakfast) or if we possess too many desserts at once I will send hubby to work with some… But not as often as you might think as I have a mean sweet tooth and tend to demolish some things either the same day or the next day… And while I could wax nostalgic about how I came to be the size I am now–pretty much the same amt as before the baby (but key point, this would be before the amt he was born not before I was pregnant… aka, at the height of pregnancy…)–let’s go ahead and wrap this up so I can get it posted and sent. Yes, sent… Because in further honor of my heffa ways and my love of pie, due to this wicked topping that takes nice simple lowfat buttermilk and eggs to this level (but if you make it with both lowfat buttermilk and egg whites/egg substitute only wouldn’t that make it heffa-light? *bats lashes*) I am also submitting this to Eat to the Beat with the song, “Girls Love Pie” by Nasty (a parody of Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure):

I would say I’m hungry
If I thought it meant that I could dine.
But I know that this time
I ate too much,
With no exercise.

I tried the Atkins diet,
“Cause carbohydrates make you die!
I tried to look like Jared,
Hiding my pizza supplies
But girls love pie!
Girls love pie.

I would give up bread and meat,
And beg for thinness;
Dreams come true!
But those trans fats
We should hate
Are that which always make me drool!

I try not to think about it,
As I order my plate full of fries.
I’m trying to work at it,
Hiding the fat in my thighs!
“Cause, girls love pie!
Girls love pie.

I would stay true,
And eat junk food,
If my weight could stay the same.
But my diet, I still abuse.
My weight’s not steady.
It’s gone astray.

Misread my measurements,
Sucked in my tummy too far,
Took food for granted,
Until I couldn’t eat anymore!

Well, now, I would do most anything
To get back to my normal pants size.
But I just keep on eating,
Like Krispy Kreme is my high!
“Cause girls love pie.
Girls love pie!
Girls love pie.

PS. I’m working on sweet talking a friend to record a quick mp3 of this, so I can give you an audio–as she’s got a nicer voice than I–but she’s not yet bitten so that shall come later (and unfortunately I may not even be successful, stubborn woman… cross your fingers for me…)… But this pie can be enjoyed now… and should be, I mean come on everyone deserves a little love, right?

There’s a story behind this that goes about something like this Mrs. Becky Wimberly (well personally I feel I shouldn’t call her Becky since she’s a couple generations my senior, but it really seems pretty much NO ONE calls her Rebecca… so I am typing Becky so people won’t read this and go “Does she mean Becky?”) made this and/or gave this recipe to Mr. Ron Barham, pastor of Ellisville UMC (and a couple others)… and he dubbed it with the ever so long moniker, but since he submitted it for publishing in the local newspaper his name stuck… I think it could really work with most any hard cookie with some flavor behind it (I’m thinking a sugar/butter cookie wouldn’t bring enough to the table though)… and I would really like to find a good hard lemon cookie with a lot of oomph and tang to try it with so if you have a recipe or a brand to recommend then please, please comment here or email me (or otherwise reach me) to let me know about it… and thank you kindly in advance if you do. Now on to the “recipe”

It Will Insult Your Intellegence It’s So Easy (Sort of a Puddin’)
Put a layer of Cool whip in the bottom of a pyrex dish. Dip (briefly) a good brand of chocolate chip cookies in milk or half & half. Layer these on top of the Cool Whip and repeat as many times as you wish depending on the size of the dish. Refrigerate for 2+ hrs. [Small note: G-ma topped the last layer of cool whip with crumbled cookies instead of whole ones.]

But as you can see this is so entirely do nothing and so deeply perfect for a gaggle of children… I’m planning to let them help make it.. and depending on challenges to their dexterity (as their really not very old) I fully intend to let them have at the whole assembly on their own if they can handle it… and I think they should be able to, I mean obviously girlie should do more cookie dipping and placement and leave more of the spreading to the boys… but I do think they can handle it.

{September 3, 2008}   Lemon Cake(s)

Ok, well the one we actually had was “Peggy’s Favorite Lemon Cake” but since my G’ma couldn’t stop talking about (apologizing about, really) how the other recipe she had was so much better anytime one of us got ready to have a slice I am including both recipes… But there really was nothing wrong with the lemon cake we had and everyone liked it (I think she just felt like she settled–because she couldn’t find the apricot nectar this time–and thus couldn’t see it for it’s one merit, but only eclipsed in the shadow of what could have been… but I shouldn’t say anything since if you know me or have followed the blog much you know I share this affliction…) so please do feel free to make it…

Peggy’s Favorite Lemon Cake(Tylertown’s Cooking With Friends 1998, p 126)
1 pkg lemon jell-o
3/4 c boiling water (g’ma accidentally used 1 c, but it was nice and moist)
1 c wesson oil
1 pkg yellow cake mix
1 T lemon juice
4 eggs
1.5 c confectioners sugar
4 T lemon juice

In a small bowl, mix lemon jello and boiling water. Stir until well dissolved, the add Wesson oil and 1 T lemon juice. In large bowl, beat eggs well and blend in package of cake mix and jello mixture. Bake in a 13x9x2 in cake pan for about 45 minat 310.
Glaze: Stir together confectioner’s ugar and lemon juice and pour over cake while it is still warm.

Lemon-Apricot Cake (the one g-ma says is better)
1 box yellow cake mix
4 eggs
3/4 c apricot nectar
1/2 c oil
1 pkg lemon jello
1 tsp lemon ext
pinch salt
3T fresh lemon juice
3/4 c pwd sugar
3 T lemon juice

Mix all (cake) ingredients with spoon until well-moistened. With a mixer set at MED speed, blend the ingredients until they are smooth and well-mixed. Pour into a greased bundt pan and bake at 325 for 45 min.
Glaze: Mix powdered sugar and lemon juice. Drizzle over warm cake for a nice finish.

Yes, if you noticed it looks sort of lumpy it is... I forgot about it and let it set up too much before adding the fruit.

Yes, if you noticed it looks sort of lumpy it is... I forgot about it and let it set up too much before adding the fruit.

see, it is set and will slice up... it just looks sad because it overset, before I proceeded... so pay attention.

see, it is set and will slice up... it just looks sad because it overset, before I proceeded... so pay attention.










So this was for Joelen’s White Wine Picnic Challenge, except I really slacked off getting things posted so this is sort of an unoffical entry but I sent it to her for inclusion in the wrap up. And I did for the record make it before the deadline (on Sat though), I just am slow wrapping the end of last week’s recipes. I took a lot of pictures and had a lot of recipes to type up so I probably would have fallen a bit behind even if the 2 yo hadn’t gotten sick… but I’m now on top of it and here’s the belated beauty.

So I’m a dessert person and jello seemed something that would travel easy (see I’m not a picnic-er so I didn’t really know what’d be good on a picnic–thus I was at a bit of a loss this go around) so I deemed this picnic worthy… You might not, or you might want to make it more like cubes/jigglers by doubling the gelatin–which could only serve to make it more picnic friendly, right? (not to mention it’d up the protein, and a higher protein dessert must be a healthier one, no?!?) Now granted this will not taste exactly lke Peach Melba, but if you are fond of PM you will absolutely taste the nod and if you fear you or your spouse may need a little hair of the dog to repair the previous night’s damage (drink water people)…then all the better. So go get to making it!

Soaking the berries (before obsessiveness took over)...

Soaking the berries (before obsessiveness took over)...

Peach Melba-ish Gelatin
1 bottle sparkling peach wine, seperated
2 pouches unflavored gelatine (4 if you want little finger cubes)
1/2 c sugar (flexible, you might use less to taste based on your wine)
1 pkg raspberries
1/4 c creme de cassis

Chill half the wine and use to blossom the gelatin. Heat the other half to boiling (I did in microwave because I’m impatient, took about 2.5 min on HIGH) with 1/2 c sugar. Mix the two together and chill to partially set (I seperated into two smaller batches so it’d cool faster, ). Meanwhile, soak the raspberries in the liqueur–I tilted this regularly this way and that trying to make sure they looked like they were all getting attention without roughing up the berries (and finally in a moment of complete and utter obsessiveness, stood the berries up and poured the liqueur into each of their little hollows)… Stir the drained berries (reserve the cassis for drinks or other later use in the fridge) into the partially set gelatin. And leave to finish setting up.

***Someone already asked me–before I could even post this–how alcoholic this is, and I dunno… but there’s a 750 ml of 6.5 proof wine and the berries are soaked in 1/4 c of 15% creme de cassis and when drained there was a 1/4 c (combo of raspberry juice and cassis), if you want to set about figuring it out… But I say this’d probably be best for a “walk to” picnic rather than a “drive to” one, just to keep it on the safe side… nonetheless, if you consume enough of this to feel tipsy then perhaps you should rather be looking at your dessert consumption a little more.

*** Another question, this time regarding soaking… yes you can soak the berries longer, overnight if you’d like… the longer they soak the more of the cassis flavor they will pick up… I had a really delicate peach wine and didn’t want to overpower it, but if you have a nice strong fruity one or just want the berries more dominant then go for it!! It’ll hurt nothing and will be tasty, under different circumstances I would have myself…

Lemon Cake and Cherry ‘Bread’ Pudding
1 lemon cake, cubed (mine the leftover flop)
2-2.5 c pitted cherries **
2 c heavy cream
6 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla (guessing, I did two capfuls and it’s a new brand so I don’t know what size lid it was)
1/2-3/4 c sugar (I used the measuring cup as a scoop rather than a measuring device)

Toast (300-325 oven) or dry out (200 oven) your cake–from the brownness you are aware I toasted (although I did use the 200 to thaw the frozen cake before cubing it). Toss your little cake croutons with the cherries and place in a greased dish, mix the remaining ing and pour over and let sit in fridge to soak in (despite sitting 6 hrs mine didn’t soak up much of anything and was a soupy mess, but I’m guessing it was the demon cake because you can usually accomplish this in 2-3 hrs… In hindsight once I realized the evil lemon cake was impeneratable I could have drained off the wet mix and added more eggs to make the custard set nicer, but I was rushing to much to think properly as I was so focused on leaving for Chicago–plus who’d have thunk that many eggs wouldn’t thicken 2 c of liquid??). Bake at 375 until set, should be about 40-50 min usually (but again, evil cake).

** I started out stoning them with a grapefruit knife and decided to just halve them instead, which I deemed pure laziness… but it appears even that could have earned me diligence points with my host and hostess. Nonetheless, I am thinking next I’ll buy some bobby pins to try that tip I was given… but if that fails, I may just have to demand a cherry pitter find its way into my utensil drawer. I am making use of too many cherries these days… used to be I’d just pit them with my teeth (aka. eat all the cherries and never cook with them), which works great you just grab the bag of cherries and a spit cup for the seeds and go to town until full bellied. But clearly it leaves no room for cooking or sharing with others, LOL.

[Note to self and spouse: Go ahead and throw out any similarly flopped cakes before they can bring future dishes down. Devil spawn can not be redeemed!!! And not understanding what went wrong in the first place might just be a benchmark for not knowing what in tarnation to do to rescue it from disaster]

And while I have no photos of the end result I do have some of the evil lemon cake I can throw up here in tribute to it’s pervasiveness… maybe it will help excise the bad luck!

trying to capture the odd texture for you... this is among the reasons why I am baking impaired...

trying to capture the odd texture for you... this is among the reasons why I am baking impaired...

the lemon cake cubed and then toasted

the lemon cake cubed and then toasted

Sure, I know some where out there is a baker that knows what I did wrong both with the cake and the subsequent pudding but oh well… I am an incompetant baker, in fact I think there may even be an evil fairy living in my stove that likes to play random tricks on my baked goods. Because there’s often no rhyme or reason to the mishaps…

{August 17, 2008}   Peach Berry Pie
The fruit and crust arranged before the glaze is added...

The fruit and crust arranged before the glaze is added...

Peach Berry Pie
3 peaches, pitted and sliced
1/2 pint blueberries
1/2 lb strawberries
1/4 c sugar
1 T ea: lime juice, grenadine
1/4 c cornstarch
1 pie crust (I just buy the dough, but you can make it)
{2 egg whites, optional–made a fast meringue since I’d only one crust left and extra whites}

Sliced strawberries and let sit with sugar, lime juice and grenadine to release its juices, drained off the berries. Mixed cornstarch into strawberry juice and heated until thickened. Roll out crust and lay in pie pan. Lay sliced peaches in bottom of pie, added blueberries. Poured glaze over fruit and baked 30 min in 400 preheated oven. Add meringue and baked another 10-15 min.

The glaze multiplied under the peach juices and overfloweth... but I sort of recovered it.

The glaze multiplied under the peach juices and overfloweth... but I sort of recovered it.

NB: this got kinda runny so next time I’d either flour the peaches. Or I was thinking I’d split up the sugar and acid…putting half of each on the peaches and strawberries and cook the juices from both (maybe even reducing them some first) with more cornstarch so there wouldn’t be run off. But I did salvage free-reign juices and spoon it over the meringue decoratively so as not to get called out on it and it passed (though perhaps by mercy more so than merit).

I was considering submitting this for Joelen’s pie challenge, but decided not to since it was sort of a flop at the moment but… I’m looking forward to the wrap up for some fun ideas (and I’m making a savory pie next week, testing a potential candiate for the book club GTG).

{August 9, 2008}   Praline Bread Pudding

Well, I contemplated making boiled peanuts since everyone always buys them in spite of the fact that they are sinfully easy but forgot to get around to buying shelled peanuts and didn’t want to go out to the store just for that so I will definitely make some boiled peanuts later and pop them up here (because now I’ve got the itch, hahaha). Then I decided I really wanted to make a dessert anyway, and I really wanted to make buttermilk ice cream (a creole classic that is sublime and would likely not make it thru the night in this house) but I have no buttermilk here. So I remembered my Restaurant Favorites cookbook (p 381-2) had a bread pudding I’ve been putting off making so here is a version of it…

Praline Bread Pudding (slightly adj. from an adaptation of the Praline Bread Pudding a’ la Louisiane at Primos in Baton Rouge)

The remaining pudding, sauced, going in the fridge.

The remaining pudding, sauced, going in the fridge.

1/4 lb (4 oz) french bread cubes, stale or toasted
3 oz pecans, toasted (around 3/4 c halves, I think)
2 T unsalted butter, diced (plus some for greasing)
4 lg eggs + 1 lg yolk
1 T ea: vanilla extract and praline liqueur (or hazelnut liqueur)
3.5 oz sugar (around 1/2 c)
1 c ea: heavy cream and whole milk
1 lg egg yolk
2 T sugar
1 T praline liqueur (or hazelnut liqueur)
2 T butter

Blitz eggs/egg yolk, vanilla, liqueur, and sugar together in blender to a soft yellow. Add cream and pulse a bit. Throw bread in greased dish, cover with half to 3/4 of custard mix top with nuts, cover with cling film and fridge it until enough is absorbed to add the rest of the mix. Top off with the last of the custard mix and fridge it again until mostly absorbed (maybe 45 min-ish).

Preheat oven to 350 dot the top of the pudding with the butter cubes and bake until dark brown and has a slight camel hump of a puff to the center and custard is set. (I know not how long because I opened the oven way too many times and that greatly affects things) Cool on a rack, and set about the sauce.

Heat sugar and liqueur gently in a double boiler whisking until sugar is dissolved. Beat slowly into the yolk and plack the yolk bowl over the simmering water, whisking until fluffly pale yellow and just beginning to thicken, no more than a couple min. Remove from heat and add melted butter, whisking until well mixed and creamy.

Check out more Cajun/Creole recipes at Joelen’s roundup.

{August 3, 2008}   Peach and Blueberry Clafouti
Arrange the fruit in the bottom of the pan

Arrange the fruit in the bottom of the pan

Now look, I don’t know if this is the texture a clafouti is supposed to be, as it’s certainly not the same as the french recipe I had turned out, but can I just say the custardy bit was just silken. (without a water bath might I add)… I can’t imagine why a clafouti wouldn’t want to be this texture. Of couse maybe my tastes are so Anglicized that I just can’t help but favor her version, or maybe I got a lousy french one to start from–I mean duh there are bad cooks so, authentic or not, things can be swill. But this was rockin’ and required no translation, plus it had been hiding in my pantry bookcase since before I even made the french one. Shame on me for not checking there first. Now I would probably not do peach again (at least not white flesh) as it stayed too crisp and the blueberries got a little too soft and everything floated to the top (I guess that happens without the cherry pits to keep it weighted to the bottom though). I think I’d do raspberries next time and just dust the berries in a little powdered sugar and not put in the oven for the first 10 but just arrange and top with the batter. {That said, we made this a couple weeks back for hubby to take to work with stone in cherries and it worked beautifully. Sooo perfectly… *sighs* but I wanted to toy with less traditional ones.}

it's hard to get a pic of this, but here's my best one

it's hard to get a pic of this, but here's my best one

Peach and Blueberry Clafouti (essentially Nigella’s Clafouti, “How to Be a Domestic Goddess” p 136, with different fruit)
1 T butter
1 peach
6 lg eggs
1/2 c cake flour **
1/4 c sugar
1 tsp ea: Southern Comfort and vanilla extract
1 1/3 c ea: heavy cream and whole milk (close your eyes and forget any diet rules, you want to eat this)

Preheat the oven to 375, throw in a baking sheet and while your at it a 9-in pie pan with the butter. When the butter’s melted, brush a little on the sides and start arranging your fruit in the bottom of the dish. When it’s reached temp, pop the pie plate back on the hot bkg sheet, for about 10 min. Throw everything left in the blender until smooth.

When the 10 min is up (if you’re slow like me this is perfect timing), reduce the oven to 350. Pour the blender batter over the fruit, all the way to the top it will be easier not to spill–plus help the oven cool off if you do at least some, if not all, of this pouring while it’s still in the oven on the tray so pull out your shelf some. Bake about 45 min–I can’t remember if this is really how long or not, but it’s near there so it’s a jumping off point–or until just set (should still shimmy a bit when given a jiggle as it will keep setting up outside the oven, but shouldn’t look like raw liquid sloshing under a cooked surface…but if you’ve ever eaten jello you probably know how to test for jiggle). Dust with some powdered sugar and prepare to sing Nigella’s praises.

** if you don’t have it, use 1/2 c ap flour minus 1 T plus 1T cornstarch and at least triple sift before remeasuring, you’ll have a little extra but it’s nice round measurements…and you should have just bought yourself some Softasilk, or better yet King Arthur’s one, and made life easy. Oh and if you have pastry flour on hand, you can use about 1/2T starch and sift less.

Submitted for Joelen’s summer produce challenge. Though it’s the near end of the season for my selections…

So a friend got me obsessing about muffins when she complained about the orange poppy seed one she bought. I’m probably gonna get things together and work on a recipe of one for her with a tangy glaze and everything to be what she thought she was getting with the other. But as I have no oranges and wasn’t sure how fab a muffin I could make with just store bought oj and poppy seeds, so I rummage what I do have and while it’s entirely no longer related to the inspiration, I make these little babies… So if you enjoy these, you can thank the lovely Sarah.

Oh and technically, these are probably not really muffins as I didn’t make them with the standard muffin method or the biscuit method or any other quick bread method–I used rather more of a cake method with the creaming and such–but come on who calls it a cupcake when you’re eating it for breakfast…

Chocolate Chip and Goji Berry Yogurt Muffins
1 c dried Goji Berries (soaked overnight in 1 c sparking apple juice, regular works great but this is what I had)
1 c vanilla yogurt (plain works; let sit at room temp 30 mins–before or after mixing batter, I did before but the Pops often do after so I know it’s great that way too)
1/2 c dark chocolate chips (a little over powering, nearly eclipsed the gogi berries might want to cut back/out or use a strong flavored berry–like raspberry maybe)
1 tsp vanilla ex
1 stick (1/2 c) butter, room temp (for fluffier muffins use half butter, half margarine–but use a bigger bowl as the creaming stage will create a lot of volume)
1/2-3/4 c sugar
2 eggs, room temp
1.5-1.75 c flour
2 tsp bkg pwd
1 tsp bkg soda
1/8 tsp-ish salt

Drain the berries, I let them drain for the 30 mins the yogurt was standing so they’d get drier but that clearly isn’t necessary. Then mix berries, yogurt, vanilla and chocolate chips in one bowl…while you set to work on the rest. Preheat the oven to 350. Cream the butter and sugar together. When fluffy and no longer grainy, add the eggs 1 at a time beating well. Then stir in the yogurt mixture and sift in the dry ingredients in 3 batches, stirring just until well incorporated. Fill your muffin cups (we used those silicone liners on a jelly roll pan so as to not have to fuss with filling any empty cups with water, and to be able to make all in one batch-woohoo. Now I made 21, because of my multiples of seven obsession, but you can adjust your filling to make an even number.) about 2/3 to 3/4 full and bake about 20 min or until the tops are springy to the touch. Cool on a rack, so as not to burn oneself with molten chocolate, and take a moment to appreciate the muffin.

While this batch will never see the inside of the freezer (I personally ate four for breakfast, and there are 4 other people to help eat them) I definitely think the Hubs and I need to start making some muffins for the freezer to prep for the coming school morning breakfasts.

Margarita Ice Cream
Nigella’s is at food network or in Nigella Express (and she has another in Forever Summer with eggs and such if you want to fuss with making that, we have not machine so I like this as I don’t have many steps)
I changed it up after making it the first time and I think I did it like this but I can’t find where I wrote down, so I’ll keep looking and either update this later or get a quart of heavy cream and make another batch to see…and then update.

1/2 c lime juice (juice and zest of 4 limes plus some squirts of bottled to top it off)
1/4 c tequila
2 T  triple sec
1 1/4 c powdered sugar
2 c heavy cream

Stir the first 4 together until the sugar dissolves. Add the cream and beat until you get soft peaks (I regretably did this until just thinkened like she did/said and got this strange texture like little ice crystals wrapped in fat but if you take it futher to a soft peak stage–really no extra work if you use a hand mixer–it’s still not firm but you get a smoother nicer texture). Pack in the freezer container and pop in the freezer. Then go do whatever you can/must to leave it alone to set.

et cetera