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{October 19, 2008}   Martini Mixer

Ok, so I’m late again posting Joelen’s latest challenge–The Martini Mixer… Oh well. At any any rate, I composed two original drinks (though one isn’t a martini, just in a matching glass… LOL) so here goes…

Nothing says Disco Duck like neon orange... made possible by the signature day glow yellow of the Galliano's...

Nothing says Disco Duck like neon orange... made possible by the signature day glow yellow of the Galliano

First the martini, The Disco Duck… So do you remember Rick Dees (or is it Deez) and his 70s mad lib of a song Disco Duck? Complete with Donald Duck impersonation?

Well, I desperately wish I could say I cracked open a can of Donald Duck orange juice to make this super niftily kitch but alas, I did not… I did however contemplate what type of martini such a creature would have though… well, what I came up with is the Harvey Wallbanger was one of the it things of the 70s and Disco Duck would have been very certainly drawn to what he thought would make him seem popular and hip… so that was a start… a martini of course updates it just enough to exemplify that suaveness he was so certain he possessed… but let’s not forget he was not exactly a cautious seeming fellow so it would most undeniably not faze him to bruise the gin, hence it must be shaken not stirred… really a lot more things occured to me, because I can be a loser about thinking deeply on off topics… but on to the drink…

The Disco Duck
1.5 oz gin
1 oz ea: orangecello and orange juice
1/2 oz Galliano
splash of vermouth (about 1/4 oz I guess)

And since I don’t drink martinis but it was our anniversary weekend, and I’m not one to let anyone feel they must drink alone, the not a ‘tini specially for yours truly was born… So for that I pondered what would appease me–complete with brownies of course as what else would round it into the perfect dessert??

Umm, know someone with a sweet tooth?

Umm, know someone with a sweet tooth?

The Pecan Pie
2 oz Bourbon
1 oz pecan liqueur (you could sub frangelico but obviously it wouldn’t be “pecan” at that point but similar enough to be tasty)
1/2 oz Sweet Lucy (Duck’s Unlimited Bourbon Liqueur)
[optionally, stir in a tiny dab of blackstrap molasses… because the calcium makes it healthy… just kidding, it because that’s delicious in a pecanut pie and it’ll ironically enough help cut the sweetness…]

Swirl and enjoy…

PS. The Round up is here (and Cara’s awesome sounding Pumpkin one won… cool!!)


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