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{October 1, 2014}   Buttermilk Ice Cream

So years back when I made this buttermilk pie, the Sicilian had actually scored like 3 gallons worth of buttermilk on mark down. So I’d chatted up my Pops that week and got several ideas to use it all… a goodly lot went towards this because it would be frozen and keep better without worrying about using it in time. So this was made 10/1/2008 with a few different flavors for the kids to taste test, I forget their faves (one of the kids even did a bar chart of the votes, which was with the pics but I can find neither at the moment), I do remember everyone claimed to like grape–but I imagine they would have said so regardless since they knew their Grandpa liked that one–and I do remember them being fascinated with the texture. [Due to the lack of fat involved, it doesn’t have that coat your tongue richness of a typical homemade ice cream… but several of the kidlets loved that and referred to it as being “like a popsicle in a bowl,” and “like snowballs of yumtasticness,” and other suchness. It is more of an ice milk experience, though not strictly since the buttermilk is thicker, so churning it would like produce a smoother result, but I didn’t have an ice cream maker at the time and lucked out because my kids really liked it that way–and they were the ones who’d be eating most of it.]

Buttermilk ice cream
(another Grandmama classic courtesy of the Pops)


1 package of unsweetened Kool-Aid (your favorite flavor but grape–my Pops’
personal favorite–works well)
1 quart buttermilk
Sugar to taste (but keep in mind it needs to taste a bit too sweet before freezing
in order to be just right when frozen)
1 t vanilla

Add all ingredients and mix together. Place in a container and put into the
freezer. When the mixture is partially frozen remove from the freezer and blend
thoroughly. Return to freezer until completely frozen. Remove and serve.

Variation I’m planning: Instead of Kool-Aid, I am planning to try this with some homemade citrus powder this year (dehydrate the peels from organic oranges and blitz into a powder) to toy with getting a creamsicile-ish one… as creamsiciles are Sicily’s favorite, and a flavor I could get behind as well. If it goes well I will post about it. 🙂 But just throwing the idea out there ahead of time for fellow tinkerers.


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