Eat Something

{January 6, 2009}   MIA…but still alive.

In addition to some crazy hectic schedules, I am having to make some major dietary changes and still have to get into the swing of it… I do have some old pending recipes and such to post but after I get those caught up, it may be spotty as I try to get my cooking groove back with the new changes. (I figured there’s not much point in posting a bunch of meh recipes) So please bear with me, I’m working on it…


cejaystine says:

Still working on things… Health concerns have taken a minor upswing but we are expecting twins so I still am often too busy or too tired to get in updates. But I am still checking emails, and updating comments so thanks for visiting! 🙂

katie says:

that is the link to the pillows I made (though those ones are made with only felt, and I used fabric so I had to tweak things)! thanks for the nice compliment on my blog!

cejaystine says:

awesome, thanks… we should be all be joining the Hubs in atlanta soon (hopefully in feb or early mar) so I’d kind like to make some little things for our new place… the kids are getting new beds (upgrading to bunk beds) but I wasn’t up for making that many quilts or anything… but since they fight over the couch pillows this is a perfect addition… 🙂

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