Eat Something

{October 13, 2008}   Southern 100

The Southern 100: Just bold what you’ve eaten, and cross out what you’d never eat.

1. Appalachicola oysters
2. souse
3. A sazarac (mostly because I wasn’t much of a mixed drink drink before kids…)
4. moonshine (shhhh…)
5. A Ramos gin fiz (umm, yeah same reason as #3)
6. single-barrel bourbon
7. Jack Daniels and coca cola
8. a moon pie (Lookout Mountain brand of course)
9. sweet tea
10. a pimento burger (Georgia)
11. whole hog barbecue (not that I can recall… but I have a bad memory…)
12. one of the “freak” bbq dishes (bbq sundae, bbq spagetti, etc.). Freak is my term.
13. pork shoulder in Memphis
14. dry ribs
15. wet ribs
16. a hot dog at the Varsity in Atlanta
17. a muffelata
18. what your waiter thinks you should have tonight at Galatoire’s
19. frogmore stew (ha, we always just call this “a boil”… no wonder I know none of these names of things… I guess I grew up too simplistic…)
20. fried catfish
21. she-crab soup
22. Boiled crawfish at a roadhouse in Louisiana (e.g. the Guiding Star in New Iberia)
23. bbq with Carolina mustard sauce
24. insanely hot chicken in Nashville
25. bbq mutton (Kentucky) (oh, even the BeeGee knows this is the way to go… and has since he ate table food pretty much…)
25. burgoo (Kentucky)
26. brunswick stew
27. bbq chicken with “white sauce” (North Alabama)
28. shrimp and grits
29. a lucky dog (quite probably as I used to love hot dogs as a kid…)
30. seafood gumbo
31. chicken and sausage gumbo
32. fried okra
33. chitterlings
34. greens cooked with a ham hock
35. yellow squash casserole
36. deviled eggs
37. kumback sauce (I’ve watched someone else eat it with fried pickles, they claimed it was the best thing to eat them with… but I can do without mayo, or pickles… LOL)
38. Delta tamales
39. a steak at Does
40. red beans and rice
41. fried pie
42. Natchitoches meat pie
43. maquechoux
44. fried chicken, milk gravy, and rice
45. alligator
46. deep fried turkey
47. bread and butter pickles (as a kid, couldn’t make me eat a pickle now)
48. blackberries just after they are picked
49. blackberry cobbler
50. pecan pie
51. extract pound cake (I really have no blooming idea what he means by this, but since I’ve had so many pound cakes… some with a handful of different extracts (lemon, almond rum, vanilla, coconut, orange, etc), I’m gonna go ahead and say yes…)
52. tea cookies
53. a breakfast of country ham, fried eggs, grits, biscuits, red eye gravy
54. a glazed and baked Tennessee or Kentucky country ham
55. hickory smoked sausage in a canvas poke
56. a Greek hot dog with meat sauce in Birmingham
57. pimento cheese sandwich
58. A fried fish plate from a fish shack anywhere along the Gulf or Atlantic coasts
59. a mint julep
60. boiled peanuts
61. peanut soup
62. sweet potato pie
63. sorghum molasses (straight from the spoon even…)
64. Chesapeake bay softshell crabs
65. Maryland crab cakes
66. Stuffed ham (Maryland or Virginia)
68. cornbread
69. cornbread stuffing (cornbread dressing is better, and likely what he meant as cornbread stuffing usually falls to s*** and is a wet sloppy mess… but I have suffered this fate as well so either way it’s a yes…)
70. andouille
71. boudin
72. jambalaya
73. gumbo z’herbes
74. crawfish etouffee (but I hate shellfish and you’d never make me again..)
75. sugar cane (nothing like it straight from the cane… and this is how I’d love to get all my fiber… LOL)
76. wild duck gumbo
77. shrimp remoulade
78. bread pudding with whiskey sauce
79. barbecued shrimp
80. A New Orleans creole Italian salad
81. field peas
82. okra and tomatoes (and you can have it!! I won’t fit you…)
83. skillet corn
84. a “meat and three” plate lunch in mid-to-late summer (of course, what single person cooks in the summer?)
85. a revolving tables-style boarding house meal (not even sure what this means, so I’ll go no… but if it’s at one of those huge round tables where the center is a lazy susan so you can sorta spin in it instead of pass things, then yeah I actually have…)
86. red velvet cake
87. fried buffalo fish (again, I don’t really know as I’ve eaten a lot a mystery fish… especially fried… LOL someone’d catch something and we’d eat it, if it didn’t taste good you’d stop otherwise you wouldn’t but it was easy to have no clue what it was…)
88. ramps
89. yellow meat watermelon
90. Food and drink at an SEC football game tailgating (I can’t really remember but I’m betting this is probably a yes…)
91. venison
92. turtle soup (it’s possible but I don’t want to think about it…)
93. quail for breakfast
94. pickled egg (sin upon sin this nasty…)
95. Barqs root beer
96. A home or house-made cream pie with meringue on it
97. A country church “dinner on the grounds” (frankly I’m not sure if it was a “country” church or not, but yeah… it’s kinda fun too, I’d be on top of going to one pretty much any weekend there was decent weather… and while I’m not baptist and they were, it was the mosiquitos that came during the singing that bothered me, but I like music and so I got bit… LOL)
98. squirrel and dumplings (it’s possible but I don’t want to know about it…)
99. beaten biscuits
100. hoop cheese and saltines in a country store

My score: 60 – I knew I’d had; 18 – I didn’t know what they were (6 of which I’d had); plus 8 maybes
total 66/100 for sures; and my 7 nevers are simply because I don’t like to eat shellfish (and the not eagers are probably self-evident)…


nmisscommenter says:

You can add revolving tables to the list. An extract pound cake is one flavored with bottled extracts– the soul food place I grew up would use a mixture of them, almond, lemon, vanilla.

buffalo fish: you’d know if you’d eaten it. It’s a really bony fish that is considered trash/inedible by many but folks who grew up poor and black remember it fondly. I’ve eaten it once, and would rather by miles eat catfish or bream.

thanks for playing!

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