Eat Something

{October 11, 2008}   Meals/Week in Review: 10/4-10

* Bill’s Talapia, Roasted Garlic Scalloped Potatoes, corn (I have pictures, but who knows when or if my darling hopalong will feel up to the attic trek to plug recipes in)

* Ravioli Soup

* Tuna and White Bean Pasta Fagiole garnished with shaved parm

* Crockpot Simmered Gumbo, Rice, and Daddy’s Cornbread

* Hubs went back to work so they made it out the door late (but supposedly he got them both to school on time) I took notes for Bluejay’s never ending story on Animal Habitats, went Cub Scouts where I became the go to mom having to help with all things paper mache (eew eew eww), and then I went to Target and ran around getting all the things we needed (including stuff to soak the Hubs’ foot) while hubby took the kids to the drive thru, did more junk including getting everyone ready for and in bed and trying to tend to the hubster’s foot: so we had BK takeout… I personally had a cold chicken sandwich (they did not hold the mayo, so I actually tossed the bread and lettuce and had a cold towelled of piece of chicken) and onion rings… starved to death and made a peanut butter and honey sandwich that I snarfed down at 10+ pm, maybe even 11… (and still went to bed hungry because I was too tired to bother)

* Beef and Mushroom Sauce over rice (rice leftover from gumbo), Girl Scout Potato Casserole, Salad

* Hubs made dinner (in spite of his foot) because I was so sick: Chicken and Rice Soup w/green beans in it…

PS. yes we were supposed to be in chicago friday night… but I was sick, so we only made it to somewhere in arkansas before having to turn around and cancel… so no fun!! (though we may go to the local zoo tomorrow after church) and Hubs will probably go on in to work on monday afterall, since we obviously won’t be driving home… but leaving a little earlier than usual to be in time to get us to the parent teacher conferences…


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