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{October 6, 2008}   Meals/Weeks in Review: 9/13-26

First off, sorry for being such a slacker… second of all, this will pretty much catch me up as I now only have a couple of outstanding recipes to post…

Sept 13-19:
* Black Bean Lasagna, salad
* Fast Food Takeout: Bill and the kids had Backyard Burgers (the kids had free meal tickets), I had Quizno’s…
* Southwestern-ish Lasagna Roll ups, salad? (can’t remember for sure)
* Pulled chicken sandwiches (made with leftover Mandarin Chicken filling and caramelized onions), Asian Five Spice oven fries
* Tired mommy day + scouts = frozen battered fish and frozen onion rings with ketchup (sad I know, but it gotten eaten so quickly so we could get everyone out)
* Chicken, Spinach, Apple and Grape salad-all, grilled cheese–the kids, portabello lasagna–us
* the pitty pat turns 1, as his treat I make a dinner which he can fully partake and not feel jealous of the siblings: an all in one polenta (not only the perfect finger food but quick and simple too), roasted green beans with shaved parm (turns out he LOVES parm, who knew… I mean it’s been in things before, but this time he fished out every scrap of cheese he could find before starting on the beans and he loves roasted veggies so that’s kinda big love to trump them…)

Sept 20-26:
* Paprika Chicken, Scalloped Potatoes, green peas
* bluejay turns 6: Birthday Cod (it’s got bacon and fish!! the boy was in heaven), Cheesy Risotto, and boiled green beans–just beans, bacon grease, onion and water really, spiderman cake (aka. I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and we topped it with a small spiderman cake from the store as it really was only $3-4 dollars more than they’d sell us the topper alone)
* Store bought, due to the 6 yo’s Community Helper project being largely unfinished: fried chicken, mac and cheese–me, potato wedges–others, salad
* another quick meal for facilitating the CH project wrap up: burgers (which I “grilled” in the oven on the cast iron grill, preheating it before putting the burgers on it, around 400-425 I think… and it totally worked!!! making me a rock star in a propaneless house… the grill did look a bit of a sad state by the end… so I might have to check with the spouse how hard it was to wash before making it a habit, though for now I’m a happy happy girl at the discovery), potato chips, salad
* campbell’s tomato soup with mini wagon wheel pasta cooked in it and some WG goldfish for the kids, Quick Fish Chowder for us
* Hubs called needing to work late, so: hot dogs, tator tots, carrot sticks (salad for the non-“hard” carrot eater)
* Hubs, home, cooked while I crashed on the bed weak with a probable hypoglycemic spell (he even brought me gorp while I was there) and made: sausage pasta, and a tomato, olive, fresh mozz salad that unfortunately 2 out of the 3 kids rejected (but they all fished out the cheese, LOL)…

Sept 27-Oct 3:
* Daddy’s Red Beans and Rice, salad
* “Grandma’s Chili” (Hubs), Grandma’s Rolls (mine)
* Spicy Chicken Tortelini Soup, the last of Grandma’s Rolls
* Lentil Hodge Podge
* Open House/Report Cards at Bluejay’s:bought CD’s fried fish, hush puppies, green beans, and made mac and cheese (lazy lady started before we left for the school) at home…
* Homemade Lunchables: meat (bologna and ham), cheese (mozz), and crackers (wheat townhouse and garden veg ritz), snapea crisps (aka. “pea chips”), dried apples and dried figs–the kids; a big eggy cheesy baked mac and cheese casserole for us (I think bill had a salad but I just ate more mac and cheese and pretended they were green peas…)
* Breakfast for Dinner: Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Pineapple Orange Coconut Salad, fried turkey spam (aka. not really spam at all but sacrilege)

* Peach Bread, folllowed up by the Peach Blueberry Bread that served as baby’s b-day cake (but he tuckered out so we did it in the morning instead)
* the Hubster slept in, so I made breakfast: French Toast
* the I am a cow/I need to make something for Eat to the Beat special: Buttermilk Love Pie (another Grandma dish for the grandma fest on Family Favorites night…)


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