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{October 3, 2008}   Paprika Chicken

Hubs made this pretty much from Redbook Recipe but sauteed/pan-fried instead of roasting… and make different sides… I really would like to try the roasted version with dark meat, but since this was made for skin-on bone-in chicken and we were using skinless boneless breasts I think it kinda needed the extra oil so if baking it with skinless chicken I would probably rub it or mist it with oil first (or maybe just add some to the glaze itself)… But on to it…

Paprika Chicken
1.5 T ea: smoked paprika, red wine vinegar, honey
2 T roasted garlic paste (cloves of roasted garlic muddled a little to make a paste)
3/4 tsp s/p and garlic pwd
3 IQF breast halves, thawed **

Preheat your pan, with a little oil… Mix all but the chicken and brush on one side of the chicken… Put in the pan glaze side down into the hot oil and brush the other side… Flip and cook the other side… (When we make it again I’ll be sure to get times…)

** emailer, and anyone else who may wonder: IQF = Individually Quick Frozen… these are just the pieces in a big 5 lb freezer bag that are individually frozen so you can pull out only what you need…


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