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{September 30, 2008}   Caramel Sauce

Caramel Sauce
1 c sugar
1.5 c heavy cream
couple pats of butter (maybe 2-3 T)

Sift sugar (helps to insure that the sugar melts more evenly) into the bottom of a wide mouthed skillet over MED heat… Try to get the sugar spread somewhat thinly throughout the whole pan with any excess/thick spots in the center rather than at the edges… Cover and let sugar melt and brown until all sugar is dissolved and desired color is achieved… (A glass lid is helpful if you are a peeker as the lid encourages the bubbles–from small bits of water returning from the lid– that help the sugar dissolve quickly and without overbrowning, but you can still what’s going on…) Meanwhile, scald the cream in a separate pot or in a 2.5 c or larger container in the microwave (if doing this on the stove start the cream first as while they should take about the same time, if something goes awry for some reason you will want the cream waiting on the sugar not vice-versa)…

When sugar is ready, slowly whisk the hot cream into the melted sugar… cut the heat, and add butter until you get a good sheen…

ETA: yeah oh2de2 (cute handle btw, almost star wars-ish and yet not), there is an easier way to control it… put cream in a pan and scald, sift the sugar into the cream while whisking quckly to dissolve… then use a candy thermometer to watch til you get it where you want it: 230-234 (thread) for a runny fluid sauce, 236-240 (soft ball) begin to be gooey sticky caramel sauce, 244-248 (firm-ball) another good place to have it for the pie, 250-265 (hard ball) don’t take it past this for topping a pie (because you’ll really be entering candy land at that point and you won’t be able to chew it the same)… but I don’t have a candy thermometer and hate fussing with all the ice water testing crap… I’d prefer a soft ball or firm ball for something like this… But in addition to the thermometer reason, I can get a really rich dark caramel that is not a hard candy my way and not with the cream added from the start… so that’s why, I do it this way… hope that helps you, and anyone else wondering…


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