Eat Something

{September 29, 2008}   French Toast

Soooo, I made breakfast… the Hubster slept in until about 8 on Saturday while I was the one to get up with the boys and make breakfast. Now take a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor, I even fumbled my way thru french toast for them (this was actually a compromise since they had really asked for pancakes, HA!)… it’s been a long time since I made breakfast and I’m not a morning person so I was not interested in looking for or in a cookbook so I made it up and tried to make it look right… and for the bread, I did half whole wheat and half Sara Lee Blueberry crumble–the SL gets a bit too soft so you might want to dry it out some (quick way: pop in the oven at about 200 flipping once until both sides feel coarse and stale) before soaking to make it work nicer but hindsight and all…

French Toast
12 slices of bread
6 eggs
3/4 c milk
3 capfuls vanilla ext
1 T ea: sugar, maple syrup, and southern comfort (or frangelico, or just use another capful of vanilla and a couple more tsp of sugar if you want alcohol-free)
2 T ea: oil and butter (I used 1/2 T of ea to cook each batch of three, or could use a bigger pan I guess)

Mix eggs, milk, vanilla, sugar, syrup, and alcohol… pour over bread and let soak it all up… preheat you pan to MED, add your fat to the hot pan and fry them up in batches until they are good and golden on each side maybe a minute and a half a side (not sure I do this by smell… I can tell by the shift in the alcohol when to flip, but I reckon this is not a reliable technique for most… and I wasn’t wearing glasses so I can’t even backwards engineer how long from start and stop times, sorry… but then again everyone makes french toast if you need times someone is sure to have them somewhere… just google it…)


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