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{September 3, 2008}   It Will Insult Your Intellegence It’s So Easy

There’s a story behind this that goes about something like this Mrs. Becky Wimberly (well personally I feel I shouldn’t call her Becky since she’s a couple generations my senior, but it really seems pretty much NO ONE calls her Rebecca… so I am typing Becky so people won’t read this and go “Does she mean Becky?”) made this and/or gave this recipe to Mr. Ron Barham, pastor of Ellisville UMC (and a couple others)… and he dubbed it with the ever so long moniker, but since he submitted it for publishing in the local newspaper his name stuck… I think it could really work with most any hard cookie with some flavor behind it (I’m thinking a sugar/butter cookie wouldn’t bring enough to the table though)… and I would really like to find a good hard lemon cookie with a lot of oomph and tang to try it with so if you have a recipe or a brand to recommend then please, please comment here or email me (or otherwise reach me) to let me know about it… and thank you kindly in advance if you do. Now on to the “recipe”

It Will Insult Your Intellegence It’s So Easy (Sort of a Puddin’)
Put a layer of Cool whip in the bottom of a pyrex dish. Dip (briefly) a good brand of chocolate chip cookies in milk or half & half. Layer these on top of the Cool Whip and repeat as many times as you wish depending on the size of the dish. Refrigerate for 2+ hrs. [Small note: G-ma topped the last layer of cool whip with crumbled cookies instead of whole ones.]

But as you can see this is so entirely do nothing and so deeply perfect for a gaggle of children… I’m planning to let them help make it.. and depending on challenges to their dexterity (as their really not very old) I fully intend to let them have at the whole assembly on their own if they can handle it… and I think they should be able to, I mean obviously girlie should do more cookie dipping and placement and leave more of the spreading to the boys… but I do think they can handle it.


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