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{September 3, 2008}   Blackberry Custard Tartlets

So we’d loaded up on blackberries last week when we found them for $1/pkg at Superlo (and yes they were perfectly good and no I do not know why they were on such deep sale, but they were very good–and since we don’t frequent Superlo and really only hit them when we’re out at Target anyway, they reside side by side, I suppose it is entirely possible that they frequently have loss leaders on produce but who knows) at any rate, we overbought considering it was like Tues and we were leaving town at the end of the week… so I took them with us–along with some other stuff–and was intending to make a sort of Entenmann’s-ish danish-y coffee cake thingie… but I sent hubby to the store in T-town and had another minor shopping debaucle, so instead of the puff pastry dough rectangles and nut meal/ground nuts I’d asked for I got a gob of little mini pastry shells (no, not even puff pastry shells… not that it would have helped anyway in shell form) to morph into a new game plan… the truly unfortunate piece of this is that I discovered this problem in the morning when I figured I’d pull the puff pastry out to thaw… [So yes my wonderful and fabulous husband can do many a thing quite exceptionally and is frequently bragged on for many of them, but he really is not so unlike the average male when it comes to making a grocery store run–incorrectly fills the request at hand but comes home with an assortment of other superfluous items he is elated about finding (although not so like the typical male at all, one of these trips while down south this weekend resulted in cans of diced rutabegas… that he was raving about how cool it was to find…) and you now have to re-plan and add on planning of how to use some of his more obscure finds as well… *sighs* I’m the real problem though as I really may never learn better, because rationally I know this but when I need something I still send him for it…]

So I opened them out to thaw and proceeded to scan more than half a dozen cookbooks for ideas… unfortunately too many required things like double boilers that I had no desire to fuss with early in the morning… so I finally settled on a custard, as yes I overmake them but so what. LOL

Blackberry Custard Tartlets
15 mini pie crusts
3 pkg blackberries
2 c milk
4 eggs
splash vanilla ext
sugar to taste

rinsed, sorted and dried the berries… the prettiest ones went into the thawed pie shells, the not as lovely into a pot to breakdown into a jam-like topping… mixed the remaining ingredients well and poured over the berries in the shells and placed on baking sheet (in hindsight, I wished I had put them on the tray before filling with the custard) baked at 350 until set…
meanwhile cook down the berries in the pot with 1-2T sugar until juices run and thicken into a bit of a runny syrup, smash the berries up a bit and spoon over cooked but still warm tartlets and allow to cool a bit (like the amount of time it took to crack, mix and cook the scrambled eggs, for example) and the berry topping will set up…

*** As a bonus if you added enough extra sugar this would easily cross over into the dessert arena…


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