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{September 2, 2008}   Holiday Weekend (w/MS Gustav updates)

Down south for the weekend, things went ok (although we missed church because 27 was bumper to bumper evacuees, so we gave up on crossing–other made it to church though so I suppose we could have tried harder, or really we probably should’ve tried again at later service)… so far just some debris from wind and about 2 hrs of power outage where we were… as for the gulfport/biloxi area, they in particular appeared to fare ok… the had the power flicker but didn’t actually lose it for even an hr… The winds got pretty bad and they have a few limbs but as of last night could see no trees down in the neighborhood. They had a curfew that was only going to going to be lifted this morning so they hadn’t been able to get out yet, but things looked ok so far and no work or school today so they can figure it out. Have not heard yet from the LA folk though (plus they evacuated anyway so they don’t actually know anything yet), but it really seems to have gone a bit wider out then predicted so the results will likely be better than expected at least…

But onto the eatin’s…

* Sat Lunch: Chicken Tetrazini, green beans, salad, g-ma’s rolls
* Sat Dinner: Salmon Croquettes, boiled cubed potatoes (just s/p, butter), ?blanking on the veg?
* Sun Breakfast: Individual Blackberry Custard Tarts, scrambled eggs
* Sun Lunch: Hamburger Pie, lima beans, roasted matchstick potatoes
* Sun Dinner: Smoked Pork Chop and Wild Rice casserole, corn, salad
* Sat/Sun Desserts (eaten interchangeably at lunches and dinners): Lemon Cake and “It Will Insult Your Intellegence It’s So Easy (Sort of a Puddin’)”

* Mon breakfast: blueberries and cream oatmeal, plus bonus: batch of blueberry muffins for the neighbors that of course had to be tasted…

Then we backed out of lunch to make our run for it before the winds kicked up too much to be on the roads… which ended up working out swimmingly since you could easily count on your hands the other sillies not hiding indoors somewhere (until we almost got past Jackson, and even then it was slim). We made good time and were able to drive around even major debris and limbs and such easily because of the lack of traffic (and yes, most of those few others were taking the shelter turns so we were amongst our own unique brand)

PS. For those looking for clicky menu links, they will come/get updated when I post the recipes but I am posting this now for the ones looking for family updates since some may see this before I talk to them… (I’ve been on the phone from yesterday afternoon until bedtime and I haven’t hardly begun to check in with everyone…) So they know something before we can talk.


cejaystine says:

power’s back off in t-town since last night from round 2, but things look really good for now (except the recordng is saying it won’t be back on until the 6th)…

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