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{August 26, 2008}   “Potato Cookies” (aka. PW’s Crash Potatoes)

maybe not so cute, but a HUGE hit with the kids...

maybe not so cute, but a HUGE hit with the kids...

So the the oldest saw these and about exploded with enthusiasm… He was dying to try these “potato cookies” as he renamed them… Mine aren’t as cute as hers (why I can’t make cute food is beyond me) but they were tasty and if I can master the smashing of them they might make some frequent appearances…

Potato Cookies (pretty much exactly PW’s Crash Hot Potatoes, just a smaller batch)
8 red skin potatoes
olive oil
salt, pepper, oregano

scrub your potatoes and put them in a pot… cover with cold water, and boil until fork tender… preheat oven to 450, and drizzle oil all over cookie sheet… remove potatoes with a slotted spoon and place on oiled sheet… smash and drizzle tops with oil, sprinkling with the seasonings and bake until golden, about 23 min…


I love these! I like the name potatoe cookies 🙂

cejaystine says:

Turns out hubby thinks I baked them at 350 rather than 450 which is the reason for the failed goldness… LOL

Amber says:

Looks delicious! I have made these once and they were such a pain to smash, they exploded everywhere.

cejaystine says:

Oh Amby, tell me about it… I almost cried and sort of pushed them back up near each other, because the 5yo is sooooo type a and I figured he’d freak if they looked nothing like the pics he’d seen… I remember when I was making them even contemplating buying or borrowing a masher styled more like hers (yeah, I’ve got like 3… but not one of those slithering coil ones, and I wasn’t sure if that might have mattered) to see if it’d make a difference…

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