Eat Something

{August 26, 2008}   Meals/Week in Review: 8/18-24

* Pasta w/Bacon, Butternut Squash, chicken and parm… (I promise I will not be lured again by the appearance of winter squash in the grocery before season and will wait patiently for a more appropriate harvesting as this had a strange young, almost grassy flavor that completely took the wind from my sails) and buttered snow peas

* The belated and modified caribbean meal: caribbean pork roast and rice, sweet potatoes with pineapple, chili fried bananas….

* the no cook, out too late at home depot on scout day fast food run: burger king take home (see I told you I don’t make everything from scratch, everyone has those ‘gotta eat’ moments)

* Leftover Warhol Lentil Soup (which I billed as chicken and bean stew with the kids and it passed with flying colors), and French Tomato Pie

* A neighborly day for a neighbor: breaded chicken, cut into nuggets for the littles; blender puffy mac and cheese ; leftover french tomato pie; french bread; lemon cake and cherry ‘bread’ pudding and vanilla ice cream

* French meal w/GTG’s dessert: French onion soup; steak au poivre w/sauce; roasted parsnips, mushrooms, and green beans; and triple chocolate mousse

* Pork and Veggie Stew made from the caribbean meal leftovers…

Joelen’s White Wine Picnic Challenge, Saturday’s dessert: Sparkling peach melba-ish gelatin

Not Quites:
* Apple Wine Glazed Apple Cupcakes – was going to make this for the scout bake sale at the church but get this, couldn’t find anyone selling boone’s farm, LOL  soooo, helf a dozen stores and a couple of phone calls later we gave up for now, but I will totally be making this as soon as we locate some BF apple wine…
* Road friendly fare for the drive to Chicago, hybrid combo with the 2 yo’s pick: Mandarin Chicken Salad Wraps and sweet potato fries — I’ll make this in the coming week…


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