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{August 26, 2008}   Hoagie Rolls (from bought dough)

So, I’m not really a baker… I cheat on all my bread (and particularly favor biscuits and quick breads) but today I decided to make the bread from bought yeast dough rather than just a pop can… so this is a step up for me. Lots of shaping involved though, so I did a bunch of pics. Sorry if this is slow to load… I promise not to do it often, I just thought it’d be less confusing than trying to describe the shaping…

Hoagie Rolls
2 1-lb frozen logs of yeast bread dough
some butter or oil from greasing/handling

grease pan and dough and let thaw and rise, simultaneously, until fills a loaf pan (about 2 hrs)… split each loaf in half lengthwise and shape, then let rise 1 hr… punch down and split in half again and let rise another hr… preheat oven to 350… then (w/o punching) tighten up surface of dough by pinching and tucking under the bottom until it looks taut on top and sort of oval shaped… (I then spread out on two trays for more baking space betwixt and between) brush tops of the dough with melted butter (or oil) and bake for around 15-20 mins or until golden brown and done… [NB: during all the risings I covered the dough with a warm damp towel]

the visuals for the first few steps...

the visuals for the first few steps...

the visuals for the wrapping up...

the visuals for the wrapping up...


Amber says:

Anything fresh baked tastes wonderful, even if you have to cut some corners. I bet these made the subs that much better.

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