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{August 26, 2008}   Catfish Po’ Boys

So Dinner Divas had this as a recipe idea… and well there are no rules, right? so I just made my own catfish po boy without relying on this recipe… which I guess still counts as it is the same idea…

I mean I had a recipe in the Moosewood (Simple Suppers I think) that I’d wanted to try so I figured I’d make that, but then I couldn’t find the cookbook so I’m making something up (if I get stuck I’ll just channel dead relatives, I can’t tell you how much fried catfish goes on in my family surely I’ve learned a thing or two from osmosis)… “Fish, fried fish at that, on a weeknight?” some of you might be wondering what made me so brave all of a sudden… but I’ll confess, the truth is we have a meeting at the bluejay’s school this afternoon so hubby planned to just take off and so he could be on hand for backup/rescue…

taken after frying... I should have taken another in sandwich form but I didnt...

taken after frying... I should have taken another in sandwich form but I didnt...

Catfish Po’ Boys
4 7-oz catfish fillets
1 c flour
1 T ea: garlic pwd, onion pwd
2 tsp ea: salt and blk pepper
1 tsp hot pepper sauce (typical red one)

Season the fish, dip in batter and dredge in cornmeal… Drop fish into deep oil at 375, fry until golden and floating…

Served on 4 Hoagie Rolls with cole slaw (1/2 a head worth, plus grated carrots dressed w/o the dreaded mayo) and Rémoulade for me and the Hubs… pretty good stuff. But I couldn’t fry the fish, and only one turned out nice (seen to the right)… the process was minorly exasperating so I forgot to take more pictures… [JP: Yes, I used the cole slaw and on the rémoulade on the sandwich not the side… I’d wanted to use cheese too but was too exhausted to slice some, and just wanted to eat…]


cejaystine says:

to answer the question about how I dress cole slaw… I usually just do an oil/vinegar, vinaigrette type thing… my favorite: fry up 1 slice of bacon (diced) and mix the crisp bacon bits, with 1 T bacon drippings and 2 T some kind of vinegar (sometimes some herbs or seasonings to go with whetever else we’re eating) and toss with the shredded cabbage… [oh and this is a basic ratio, you can make as much as needed depending on quantity of slaw… I often use 2 or 3 times this on half a head, but you have to find your own fit of how wet or dry you like it etc] you can let it sit dressed for a bit to soften the cabbage if you like, just as with a mayo-based or boiled dressing… or not, no big deal…

does that help?

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