Eat Something

{August 24, 2008}   Pineapple sweet potatoes

Ok so normally when I make this, it’s sort of twice baked sweet potatoes… cut in half carefully scooped out leaving some meat to support as the skin is flimsy… roughly mashed with some withstanding chunks with a bit of s/p and maybe butter and even a splash of the pineapple juice if needed or desired… then the refilled shells topped with crushed pineapple and spinkled a small amt of brown sugar and sunflower seeds and cooked until brown sugar is bubbly… and that is one of the best things, mmmmm…. you should totally make them that way–very, very good

That particular night I had gianourmous potatoes so I cubed 2 of them and mixed with them with a can of pineapple tidbits and a can chunks and the juices (I get the kind in fruit juice) add a couple pinches of salt and sprinkle with some brown sugar)… Cover and bake until potatoes are fork tender… this was so-so and not close enough to the real thing. But definitely easy and edible… and sometimes that’s enough.

I don’t really have a recipe for either version… but I am reasonably certain that the twice baked version came from one of those paperback betty crocker’s or something of the like (or at least something quite similar that jump-started all this business) that you can get in the checkout line… but those are tiny thin little paperback magazines so I will check around the pantry for it and add their recipe if I can find it… so that you can have more of a springboard to start from… (but it’s become one of those things I just do, and I really don’t measure anything… so I’m useless beyond a vague description…)

With the twice baked ones, I often microbake the potatoes rather than oven bake just the cheat time as you can do this while it preheats… I nuke them on high (5 min for 1, 7 for 2, 10 for 3, 14 for 4) then wrap them in foil and tuck them inside oven mitts and let stand 5-10 min  (or until I remember, which is why I use the oven mitts to help keep them warm as I forget to check on them… a normal person need not tuck them in a mitt).  Then just split them in half and go about the rest as if you’d baked them normally…


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