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{August 23, 2008}   Lemon Cake and Cherry ‘Bread’ Pudding

Lemon Cake and Cherry ‘Bread’ Pudding
1 lemon cake, cubed (mine the leftover flop)
2-2.5 c pitted cherries **
2 c heavy cream
6 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla (guessing, I did two capfuls and it’s a new brand so I don’t know what size lid it was)
1/2-3/4 c sugar (I used the measuring cup as a scoop rather than a measuring device)

Toast (300-325 oven) or dry out (200 oven) your cake–from the brownness you are aware I toasted (although I did use the 200 to thaw the frozen cake before cubing it). Toss your little cake croutons with the cherries and place in a greased dish, mix the remaining ing and pour over and let sit in fridge to soak in (despite sitting 6 hrs mine didn’t soak up much of anything and was a soupy mess, but I’m guessing it was the demon cake because you can usually accomplish this in 2-3 hrs… In hindsight once I realized the evil lemon cake was impeneratable I could have drained off the wet mix and added more eggs to make the custard set nicer, but I was rushing to much to think properly as I was so focused on leaving for Chicago–plus who’d have thunk that many eggs wouldn’t thicken 2 c of liquid??). Bake at 375 until set, should be about 40-50 min usually (but again, evil cake).

** I started out stoning them with a grapefruit knife and decided to just halve them instead, which I deemed pure laziness… but it appears even that could have earned me diligence points with my host and hostess. Nonetheless, I am thinking next I’ll buy some bobby pins to try that tip I was given… but if that fails, I may just have to demand a cherry pitter find its way into my utensil drawer. I am making use of too many cherries these days… used to be I’d just pit them with my teeth (aka. eat all the cherries and never cook with them), which works great you just grab the bag of cherries and a spit cup for the seeds and go to town until full bellied. But clearly it leaves no room for cooking or sharing with others, LOL.

[Note to self and spouse: Go ahead and throw out any similarly flopped cakes before they can bring future dishes down. Devil spawn can not be redeemed!!! And not understanding what went wrong in the first place might just be a benchmark for not knowing what in tarnation to do to rescue it from disaster]

And while I have no photos of the end result I do have some of the evil lemon cake I can throw up here in tribute to it’s pervasiveness… maybe it will help excise the bad luck!

trying to capture the odd texture for you... this is among the reasons why I am baking impaired...

trying to capture the odd texture for you... this is among the reasons why I am baking impaired...

the lemon cake cubed and then toasted

the lemon cake cubed and then toasted

Sure, I know some where out there is a baker that knows what I did wrong both with the cake and the subsequent pudding but oh well… I am an incompetant baker, in fact I think there may even be an evil fairy living in my stove that likes to play random tricks on my baked goods. Because there’s often no rhyme or reason to the mishaps…


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