Eat Something

{August 23, 2008}   Je suis une nouille. (aka. Sorry Joelen)

Sure, I’m an idiot… but maybe more to the point: ”J’ai la dalle en pente et étais cuite… mais j’ai cuvé son vin. Malheureusement, les carottes étaient cuites… J’espère que Joelen ne fait pas le poireau… J’ai essayé d’envoyer la sauce de l’avertir rapidement.”  (aka. I reckon more to the point: I’m a boozer and was drunk… but I slept it off. Unfortunately, it was too late… I hope Joelen doesn’t wait impatiently for me… I made an effort to warn her quickly…)

So some of you may be wondering, what’s with all the french? Well, I was supposed to go to a her Book Club GTG (10 hrs away in Chicago) at which we were going to do a french potluck… and you may or may not have noticed, depending on your french, the profusity of food terms… you see the french use a good deal of food slang–-aren’t they fun–-so I thought all the noodles, carrots, leeks and sauce would make it an amusingly more palatable way to say “I’m a bum and I finched on a friend who was expecting and counting on me” and it was too late at night to call her as soon as I knew the lunch would not viably happen… so, still quite in the middle of drunkness, I emailed her from the very site of my unfaithfulness in an attempt to give her every warning possible (but while I think may have I pulled it off without sounding to much like a soused cow, that is left to be seen…) that I am a horrible vile woman and I hope the rest of the crew is not so… (But if I’d been there before getting so, I would soooo still be there… even had I been hungover, which miraculously I’m not)

SO!! What was I going to make for this lovely lunch? Well, don’t fret… I’ll still make it and try to post pics and the recipe. And, while I’m completely not worth of the forgiveness that will most likely soon ensue, and be so graciously given… I love Joelen for having such a kind and warm heart, and I vow before you all I am going to make it up to her… somehow. (and part of my punishment is not being able to eat her food–my turn to cry–made all the more unbearable by the teaser of what she’s making, but as additional penance I may make something interesting for the boy scout bake sale at the catholic church up the street since we are going to linger and pop it up here… so look for tons of bonuses on this week’s wrap up–a good thing since I didn’t do a lot of cooking I suppose… and I suppose as the other part of my punishment none of my food last turned out quite right… the chicken’s breading got soggy, most probably from packing it up for transport and covering with cling… the puffy mac and cheese didn’t rise, the whites just really didn’t take to the blender and I couldn’t do it by hand with the Hubs at work–aka. I couldn’t pass it off since I have sissy arms–so my feeble attempts amounted to nothing… and well, while the flavor on the tomato pie was pleasant enough I really was unhappy with the texture–which is why it failed it’s audution by the way… so it was an easy and effortless swim into temptation to drink…)


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