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{August 23, 2008}   Feeding Lady Di… (a menu)

Ok, so obviously not the lady Di… I mean even I’m not “eccentric” enough to try to feed a corpse. But my sweet friend of the same name, who has recently become my neighbor, asked if we wanted to do dinner Friday night… and seeing as we couldn’t leave in the afternoon as previously planned, I nixed the plan of car friendly fare (mandarin chicken salad wraps and sweet potato fries–will still do later) for something a little more sit down.

The crew: 4 adults, 1 teen, 1 preteen, 2 kindergarteners, 2 preschoolers (4 and 2) and the baby…

The plan: We all meet up at their house after work… I make all the cooked food as I am home while everyone is at work… they pick up the accessory items at the store on the way home.

The menu:
* breaded chicken, cut into strips for the kids (a take off on the Crispy Yogurt Chicken but without the yogurt, since I had only vanilla, or panko…which in hindsight may seem completely unrelated as I read the recipe once, realized I didn’t have what I needed but liked the idea, and went wandering in my own direction…but I like sharing credit so there you go check her out I just discovered her a week or so ago and will be making some things in the near future)
* blender puffy mac and cheese (I don’t know if this would be considered a mousse or a souffle or neither but I liked the idea of yet another mac and cheese and this sounded too simple, I mean isn’t dumping everything in a blender easier than making a bechamel and adding cheese–ie. making a mornay… and it’s a no brainer which looks more impressive.. and really I wanted to show her how sometimes things that look hard can be really, really easy… as she fancies herself not much of a cook but with minimal effort could entertain with this and no one would believe she wasn’t…and who doesn’t like baked mac and cheese? she can use it at will…)
* leftover french tomato pie (from last night, because we had 3/4 of a pie in the fridge and were leaving town)
* “bread” pudding from lemon cake and cherries (because I had dairy to use up and a whole flopped cake–too dense and odd spongy squidgy textured–in the freezer from the great boy scout debacle… I made it with the kids, so maybe the measurements were just way wrong I dunno… but needless to say it needed a use… and when do you have cause to use an entire cake worth of leftovers?!? don’t know if this can save it but this can use it and that’s enough for now… bonus points if people like it.)
* Plus the grocery pick ups: salad, vanilla ice cream to go with the pudding, beverages, bread/rolls or cornbread…

The motive: because friends, like family, come first… and despite being up the street we’ve been too busy to give them a proper housewarming…


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