Eat Something

{August 18, 2008}   Meals/Week in Review: 8/11-8/17

* I didn’t really feel like cooking on Monday, and the Hubs had to work really late due to the morning’s running around…so a nice do nothing meal: Barillia’s wg rotini with spinach marinara (and pepperoni for Hubs), salad
–Don’t get excited I haven’t made a pasta sauce from scratch but maybe once this summer, too much a bum I suppose as it’s not hard and this is when we like to have them…you know the tomatoes, summer thing. But more notably because I didn’t want to cook, you see; although I contemplated it for a second, actually twice when I remembered it was tomato weekend in Joelen’s challenges.. but alas it is not meant to be, and if faithful to the menu I will not be showcasing tomatoes in anything this week so I’ll see if the Hubs wants to in his Saturday cooking. So the sauce was just made from a combo of two different jars of premade sauce, spinach and a tiny bit of bacon grease–literally I presnipped some slices to package up for another night’s dinner and let them lay in the pan before packing in a tupperware and used those tiny traces to wilt the spinach in so maybe a tsp? Oh and I didn’t prechop said bacon to be so vastly on top of things later but because I was going to make that bacon dish Monday night until I decided not to, which just happened to be after the bacon was in the pan.

* Hub’s request: Red beans and rice, caramelized broccoli, salad

* 2 yo’s request (made for a perfect quick and easy scout night): Fish (just baked freezer planks), mac and cheese, peas and carrots

* 5 yo’s pick; Hubby’s pick: Chicken Noodle “possibilities” (aka. Campbell’s soup), green beans, grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches –for the kids; “Andy Warhol” Lentil Soup and ciabatta –for me and the Hubs (and I of course ate the green beans too)

* 4 yo’s pick, breakfast for dinner: hashbrowns, egg and sausage casserole, “Fruit Pie” (ended up making a peach berry) w/Vanilla Ice Cream

* the Hubster’s treat for the Midtown Mama: Chicken Fra Diavolo, Sicilian Broccolini–for us; leftover baked ziti (from the freezer of course) and broccolini sauteed with just garlic (1 bunch broc, 4 cloves garlic)–for the kids…

* Pecan Crusted Mahi-Mahi, Beer Cheese Risotto, Broccoli Slaw dressed in Ranch

* Tues post-doctor visit lunch: pizza
* Sat breakfast: berries and ‘cream’ oatmeal

Would be meal that never made it (for the couple of people I talked to about it, that may be wondering where it went):
* For Joelen’s Carribean Challenge: “Carribean” Pork Roast and Rice, Sweet Potatoes topped with pineapple and sunflower seeds, Chili Fried Bananas, Broccoli Slaw with Moho Sauce (dressed with lime and OO for the kids)–sorry I totally backed out and made a different night’s meal (breakfast for dinner), I reckon I still may consider making this later… since two of the recipes were already requested, *giggles* but I’m not sure when…


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