Eat Something

{August 14, 2008}   Red Beans and Rice-ish

Ok, big secret confession. Hubs requested Red Beans and Rice the other night but I didn’t really want it, plus I didn’t have any dried beans and I really like making my own for Red Beans and Rice so I can use the bean juice. So Red Beans and Rice (in this house) would normally be some saucy beans (with or without sausage) and then I’d make some white rice seperately with a bit of cilantro scattered thru (mostly for color), and either serve the bean mixture ladelled over the rice or serve a bowl of the beans with a scoop of the rice in the middle (one of the kids favors it this way). So what I made was really more of a Beany Jambalya, but it had red beans and it had rice and he was happy… so we let him believe it was the meal he’d requested.

Beany Jambalya
2 links Nathan’s sausage (about 1/3 lb worth), cut up
maybe 1 c chicken (pulled from the roasted one, I used breast meat to balance the cheesy sausage)
1 bell pepper, diced
1/2 onion, diced
2 cans red beans, drained and rinsed (yep you read that right, I used canned and I didn’t make any of the kids open them either)
1.5 c rice
about 1/4 c worth of assorted seasonings done to taste (celery seed, onion/garlic pwd, s/p, smoked paprika, sage, and I can’t remember what else but those were probably the dominants)

Brown the sausage, remove from pot and use the run off to saute the onions. Add everything and cover with a scant qt of water (broth is fine if you have it), and simmer until mostly absorbed and rice is done.


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