Eat Something

{August 13, 2008}   Prolific Email

Wow!! It appears some of you would rather email me than comment here. Previously, I’ve only been getting the ones to my main two emails because I rarely check the hotmail (I’ll have to start I suppose) so I’ll work on a couple of things mentioned.

Pics, this one seems to get addressed often. So I apologize now, it’s likely not to improve… 1) I’m not always good with the camera, 2) I don’t especially make pretty food, nor do I have the desire to do much extra fussing and gussying, 3) I’m a busy mom of 4, I try to make time to throw things up here between naps/bedtime or when Hubby’s helping with the kids (lately I cajoled the Hubs into editing most of the pending drafts and posting them for me so I haven’t even been doing that much so faithfully) so I don’t always have time to try to get a pretty pic, and last but not least 4) I do not always know where the camera is, or where a working battery might be, etc so taking and/or uploading pics can go south even when I have the inclination.

Now back to the emails, I didn’t realize that my email address was here yet (but I guess it’s somewhere as some of you found it)… I’ll work on putting to the side in the menu somewhere if I ever figure out how, but until then since many people seem to prefer the anonymity of email to posting a comment…if you wish to reach me and know not how, use this.

But fear not, you needn’t be my friend or have glowing praise in order to post a comment. I’ve gotten no emails I would have minded being posted as comments, so it’s really your call…but you are welcome to speak here just as freely. And I really appreciate all the questions and feedback. For the most part it seems people are enjoying this so I’ll try to keep at it, I don’t know yet whether it will get better or worse as school starts up. So sorry in advance if I go a bit MIA.


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