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{August 12, 2008}   Negotiated Accordian Potatoes

Not really a recipe in and of itself you just put a wooden spoon handle to either side of your Idaho and slice down to the spoons. Then rub with oil or melted butter and season, the bake as a regular baked potato–except they look cuter. Try to evenly space your slices so the cook evenly and that’s really all that makes it hard. I honestly don’t make them often because of the extra work, but that’s probably why the 2 yo requested them for her special meal.

However, for Sunday’s dinner we really didn’t have good even potatoes for slicing this way so I improvised a couple for the kids and we over-4-footers just had regular baked potatoes. so here’s what I did…

Negotiated Accordian Potatoes
baking potatoes
olive oil
kosher salt
melted butter
garlic pwd, pwd sea salt

I sliced the potatoes about in half lengthwise to even out their thickness (they weren’t pretty), then sliced them not quite to the bottom about 1 cm or so apart in width. Then I rubbed a baking sheet with oil and sprinkled with kosher salt, laid the cut sides on the sheet and brushed the butter on the tops sprinkled garlic and salt over top and popped in the oven maybe 45 min-ish.

NB: The pros of this improvised method were it got a beautiful golden crisp bottom and was well seasoned the whole way thru, and baked faster… the unfortunateness of this was they really were too short to accordian open much (make sure to half them not parallel to their flater sides but thru the fattest part of their length…ie. when it lays on the table in it most comfortable postition just cut down the middle rather than turning it on it’s side). But it worked well enough to appease the kids and they loved having their own instead of a half (even though it really was a half, lol) and the boys particularly loved the crisp underbellies…so it may be a more frequent compromise and I may decide on how to additionally tweak it to enhance the visual effect. And I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture, I promised Little Hawk a picture because he can’t remember me making these the night he help babysit but I didn’t have a good Sunday and completely forgot to in an effort to power thru the extravagant effort baby girl’s menu was to require. So I’ll do this up right with pics at some point in the future.


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