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{August 3, 2008}   Peach and Blueberry Clafouti
Arrange the fruit in the bottom of the pan

Arrange the fruit in the bottom of the pan

Now look, I don’t know if this is the texture a clafouti is supposed to be, as it’s certainly not the same as the french recipe I had turned out, but can I just say the custardy bit was just silken. (without a water bath might I add)… I can’t imagine why a clafouti wouldn’t want to be this texture. Of couse maybe my tastes are so Anglicized that I just can’t help but favor her version, or maybe I got a lousy french one to start from–I mean duh there are bad cooks so, authentic or not, things can be swill. But this was rockin’ and required no translation, plus it had been hiding in my pantry bookcase since before I even made the french one. Shame on me for not checking there first. Now I would probably not do peach again (at least not white flesh) as it stayed too crisp and the blueberries got a little too soft and everything floated to the top (I guess that happens without the cherry pits to keep it weighted to the bottom though). I think I’d do raspberries next time and just dust the berries in a little powdered sugar and not put in the oven for the first 10 but just arrange and top with the batter. {That said, we made this a couple weeks back for hubby to take to work with stone in cherries and it worked beautifully. Sooo perfectly… *sighs* but I wanted to toy with less traditional ones.}

it's hard to get a pic of this, but here's my best one

it's hard to get a pic of this, but here's my best one

Peach and Blueberry Clafouti (essentially Nigella’s Clafouti, “How to Be a Domestic Goddess” p 136, with different fruit)
1 T butter
1 peach
6 lg eggs
1/2 c cake flour **
1/4 c sugar
1 tsp ea: Southern Comfort and vanilla extract
1 1/3 c ea: heavy cream and whole milk (close your eyes and forget any diet rules, you want to eat this)

Preheat the oven to 375, throw in a baking sheet and while your at it a 9-in pie pan with the butter. When the butter’s melted, brush a little on the sides and start arranging your fruit in the bottom of the dish. When it’s reached temp, pop the pie plate back on the hot bkg sheet, for about 10 min. Throw everything left in the blender until smooth.

When the 10 min is up (if you’re slow like me this is perfect timing), reduce the oven to 350. Pour the blender batter over the fruit, all the way to the top it will be easier not to spill–plus help the oven cool off if you do at least some, if not all, of this pouring while it’s still in the oven on the tray so pull out your shelf some. Bake about 45 min–I can’t remember if this is really how long or not, but it’s near there so it’s a jumping off point–or until just set (should still shimmy a bit when given a jiggle as it will keep setting up outside the oven, but shouldn’t look like raw liquid sloshing under a cooked surface…but if you’ve ever eaten jello you probably know how to test for jiggle). Dust with some powdered sugar and prepare to sing Nigella’s praises.

** if you don’t have it, use 1/2 c ap flour minus 1 T plus 1T cornstarch and at least triple sift before remeasuring, you’ll have a little extra but it’s nice round measurements…and you should have just bought yourself some Softasilk, or better yet King Arthur’s one, and made life easy. Oh and if you have pastry flour on hand, you can use about 1/2T starch and sift less.

Submitted for Joelen’s summer produce challenge. Though it’s the near end of the season for my selections…


Joelen says:

What a great combination of fruits! I like your other fruit suggestions too. Thanks for participating in the Summer Produce blogging event – you rock! 🙂

jess says:

I did one of these a few weeks ago. I had never heard of them before! Yours looks great!

Amber says:

What a great flavor combination, I bet it was wonderful.

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