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{August 2, 2008}   Cookbook and Tool Shot
My beloved stuff

My beloved stuff

         So to christen my blog with it’s my first of Joelen’s challenges… This one was to image your fav kitchen tools and cookbooks. So my nubby wisk (and my ice cream scoop because while it may not be a “cooking tool” it is very me and very well used, LOL) and some of my favorite cookbooks. Although I thought about taking a picture of my butler’s pantry bookcase, because I love cookbooks en masse. So here’s my last minute entry.

The Hubs felt I needed a more artistic shot, so here is his take.

The Hubs felt I needed a more artistic shot, so here is his take.

               And now you can’t say I don’t post pictures, either. Neener, neener. The Gourmet Light has great vegetable ideas; The Red Hat Society may not always be so healthy, but it has some gems; Restaurant Favorites at Home may not be an everyday-er, well not for me anyway, but when you don’t mind shopping or labor intensive it can soooo rock; our Southern Living Breakfast and Brunch is a weekend staple and a keepsake of the world’s most awesome Great Aunt, even if a bit chatty, Aunt Mattie; Moosewood New Classics (as well as Simple Suppers, not pictured) has some tasty veg*n meals but let’s face it I’m a bad girl and often add meat too.

And don’t forget to check her blog out, Joelen’s Culinary Adventures, because she makes some amazing stuff and I can only hope to one day cook anywhere close to as well as she does. Plus if you pop back here around mid-August, I’m going to be attempting to make fish like these now that she’s armed me with some more info and a bit of courage.


joelen says:

Thanks so much for participating! Your blog looks great and I’m looking forward to your future posts 🙂

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