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{July 31, 2008}   Meatball and Marscapone Baked Ziti
The kids thought these looked like cookie dough, and once they said it I did too.

The kids thought these looked like cookie dough, and once they said it I did too.

This was my first ever Deb Mele flop, normally she rockas my socks, I so wanted to cry over the meatballs. They were a bit of extra work and ingredients and yet I found them a bit bland and dissappointing, turns out I should have just used hubby standard meatball recipe but I will toy with this (Had I not been baking them I would have made one and tasted it and known to adjust the seasoning and not had such a huge problem so I fell down on the job too) as the kids were very excited to see them looking like cookie dough before I cooked them, see pic.

Futhermore, they were way too soft for this application–even with the extra egg white–and some fell apart as I was stirring in the cheese…but that’s kinda what I was expecting anyway. So next time I make these, hopefully modified into deliciousness worthy of the labor, they will be appearing as Spaghetti and Meatballs or Meatball Sandwiches. But on to the recipe:

Meatball and Marscapone Baked Ziti
Deb Mele’s meatballs (I added the extra egg white from the prev alfredo, since I thought this sounded like it might be too soft)
1.5 qts red sauce (I used 2 jars of Classico Spicy Tomato Basil instead)
1 lb ziti
1 tub marscapone, seasoned generously but to taste with s/p, garlic, parm
8 oz shredded mozzarella

Shape into meatballs and brown on all sides (I shaped into 62 meatballs about 1T size and I actually baked mine, flipping part way, but I couldn’t tell you how long as I didn’t pay attention). Simmer meatballs in sauce. Simmer pasta in salted water, but pull a bit before it’s al dente while still a little chewy and add to meatballs with marscapone. Put in baking dishes (I made an 8×8 and two loaf pans) and top with mozz, bake until cheese is melty and a little golden.

Oh and for the record this wasn’t considered a flop by everyone else, as Bill and the kids just love having baked ziti…so they probably wouldn’t have complained if the whole thing had been bad since it’s one of their favorite meals. But I felt it was a lot of extra work for not much pay off, sometimes simple really is best.


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