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{July 31, 2008}   Garlic Mushy Pea Panzanella

Garlic Mushy Pea Panzanella
1/2 head of garlic (normally I’d roast it, but I didn’t have time or the inclination)
1 lb frozen peas
bread cubes (not sure how much, I used the top halves of an entire batch of pop can biscuits, maybe 10 I think, that we burned to death over the weekend…and I precut them days before to let them dry out)

Boil the cloves in about 1 c salted water for around 5 min. Remove and add peas for a few minutes.  Toss peeled garlic, peas and (Here’s where I’d normally have added some olive oil, if the fat content of the ziti hadn’t been so insane) some of the liquid in the blender. Blitz and add s/p to taste if needed and pour over and toss with the bread or croutons. And again if I weren’t chintzing on fat, I’d have garnished with a fair amount of parm.

Michael Chiarello makes a more involved pea panzanella if you want something more exciting and it’s good…but this night I wanted easy and needed to cut out all the good stuff to accomodate for the truckload of calories in the entree. I think he has another one as I thought I remembered eating two of his, but maybe not…as I’m not easily finding it.


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