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{July 27, 2008}   Soda Chops (Plus bonus recipe: Pepsi Chicken)

Soda Chops 
Ok, first a brief warning: this isn’t a QUICK meal! I mean it’s not a lot of work or anything, but if you are wanting to come home after work and make dinner you’d probably want to save this until the weekend.

pkg pork chops, I think mine was 10-12 boneless (could also use chicken cutlets)
1 can ea: tomato paste, coke
2 oz wedge onion (est. based on known shopping weight) 
4 lg cloves garlic
2 T ea: worchestershire, Dale’s, cider vinegar
1.5 tsp ea: mustard seed, chili pwd, lemon zest
1 tsp ea: garlic pwd, onion pwd, cayenne
s/p to taste (may not need, so taste)

Brown the chops on each side. Pop onion (cut more if you like), garlic, worchestershire, Dale’s, and vinegar in blender/processor and blend smooth. Preheat your oven to 300-325. Place browned chops on a plate, and add tomato paste, soda, dry spices to the pan and whisk smooth. Mix in blender puree and bring to just the bud of a boil. Put 1/4 to 1/3 of the sauce in the bottom of a glass or ceramic baking dish. Add the chops, cover with the rest of the sauce and bake in a slow oven about 1-1.5 hrs.

NB: You really could jazz this up however you like so feel free to change the seasonings, or could you probably even cheat with bottled BBQ sauce although I swear this isn’t hard. Might could speed it up on top of the stove but I don’t know how the sauce would do with direct heat and it’d probably need more tending… This was intentionally a leave alone dish so we could leave the house for scouts though so the stovetop seemed a bad idea. But if you try it I’d love to know how the sauce works outside the oven…


As a different, easier, version that’s still similar enough you could also do the Pepsi Chicken sauce on the pork or just do the Pepsi Chicken:

Pepsi Chicken (this is from my Bronson cookbook, p 57, but it’s one of those things that is everywhere)

4-6 bnls, skls chicken breasts
2 c pepsi
1 c ketchup

Cut the chicken into bite pieces, cover with soda and ketchup. Cook at MED-LOW for 1.5-2 hrs until thick like BBQ sauce.

I actually never made the PC because I figured it’d just be bland (and maybe it is) but alot of people I know keep talking about it so maybe it’s good…then again maybe it’s just easy, as many people love easy.


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