Eat Something

{July 26, 2008}   Meals/Week in Review: 7/21-25

* Battered FIsh, cheesy onion risotto, lima beans

* TVP Stroganoff Casserole (w/mushrooms), steamed grean beans

* Soda Chops (a BBQ-ish sauce made from cola, or your fav brown soda), Lazy Lady Mac and Cheese, Crowder Peas

* Southwestern Corn Chowder (made w/the corn broth), topped with cheese and tortilla chips

* Breakfast for Dinner: Scrambled Eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, cheesy garlic grits, and fruit


Cassandra says:

Here’s a comment….GREAT IDEA!! Looking forward to more menus. Do make sure to have some easy “Teen” friendly recipes, that will come in handy around here…Thanks!

cejaystine says:

Ok, I updated some things to be more friendly for the girls and tried giving alternatives on a couple of things. So you might want to look back over the older ones. Plus I’ll be adding a quick snack/dessert quesadilla this weekend for them. I think it’ll be good for after-school… Don’t know what they’ll think.

And I’ll work on keeping them in mind…

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