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{July 25, 2008}   Pork Chop Loaf

Probably sounds more involved than it is, it’s pork chops lined up in a loaf pan with stuffing in between (make sure a chop is on each end) and then I skewered them together in a few places to keep it tight because I probably could have used another chop and/or a bit more stuffing to fill the pan, but ran out of both and just wanted to cook it… Also, I used the nice bone in chops since the bone would be sticking out of the pan and hence roasting nicely for a stock later–just froze them for now.

Pork Chop Loaf (pretty much from my Old BHG I think)
6 pork chops (using next time, but my pkg had 5)
3 T butter
3 cups stale bread cubes (leftover croutons work great for this too)
1.5-2 cups chopped (cooked if need be) stuffing add-ins
1 egg, beaten together with stuffing seasonings

Season the chops as desired, and brown in the butter on both sides. Mix stuffing ing and make sure egg is well distributed. Place chops in the loaf pan alternating with stuffing, making sure to begin and end with chop. Bake 1 hr @ 300-325.


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