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{July 24, 2008}   Overdue Recipe: RV Chick & Accoutrements

Rosemary Vanilla Chicken
MS’s version:

I did pretty much this, definitely technique-wise, but I seasoned the meat with salt and pepper before browning (as per my always) and I did just a small amt of wine maybe 1/2 c and added it when deglazing the pan after the veggies softened and cooked it until it evaporated and added the meat/bones back with about 3 cups of chicken stock. That way I don’t worry about the tots and the Hubs and I have a bottle we “have” to finish off with dinner…

The Salad Accoutrements
And when you were here, the complementary dressing I made for the mixed greens was like this: 1/4 c balsamic; 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, s/p; about 3/4 c extra virgin olive oil…shake until well mixed. But you could just add a splash of vanilla to any balsamic vinaigrette and it’d probably be just fine. The candied walnuts again you can buy, or find countless recipes for, but was: 1 egg white, a heaping 1/4 c unpacked brown sugar, small pinch of salt, 2-3 c walnuts (pretty much whatever it takes to get the coating thinned out how you like)… in the bottom of the bowl beat the white until frothy, dump in the sugar and nuts and mix well; spray a sheet pan or skillet with oil and toast them (at 325-350 in the oven or med on the stove) until they smell nutty and look slightly golden. But please quit worrying so much honey, it was just a salad which makes it too impossible to be hard…just eat.


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